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South Austin Dog Center, formally DeBono Dog Behavior Center, is one of the most trusted professional training companies in Austin. Our trainers have worked closely with Steve DeBono for years helping both pets and their owners understand each other better and live together in harmony. South Austin Dog Center is a great option for training, socializing, and to correct problems that are causing you, or your dog, trouble. Contact us for peace of mind for you and your animals.

Our Services

Your dog is your companion, your confidante, your best friend.
Together, you explore the world, play fetch, cuddle on the couch, and just enjoy being in each other's company.
What happens when it isn't the way you hoped and imagined it would be? What happens when your best friend seems intent on sabotaging your time together by pulling on the leash so hard you think your arm's coming out it's socket, jumping on everyone you see, barking uncontrollably, and won't come back when you call?
We've been there and understand your pain. That's why we're here to help with years of experience working through a vast variety of problems, issues, and inconveniences.

A Better Best Friend Day School

Our signature program is an individualized, intensive, consecutive 15 weekday program* where we work specifically on your training goals.  

This program includes:
Basic Life Skills and Manners
Specially Tailored Training to address your goals
Dog-Dog Socialization
2 Private Human Lessons at our Facility
1 Private Human Lesson at your home or other public place
Unlimited Trips to Local Stores
Unlimited Hikes
FREE weekday boarding (if requested)

Starting Price: $1,545**
*This program is appropriate for most dogs and puppies that do not display any behavioral issues, and is perfect for basic life skills. For dogs over 6 months old or puppies with behavioral issues, we require starting with a Behavior Consult to determine the specially tailored program to suite the needs of you and your dog.

**Price varies depending on the severity of the behavioral issues. We accept payment in installments.

Our Mission

South Austin Dog Center is committed to providing the best humane and ethical care, training and behavior modification for your dog.

We believe in using science-based methods to teach a dog to make the correct choices without using force or fear to impose our will. As such, we will never use unethical corrective devices such as shock or prong collars or choke chains (no matter how terminology changes to make them seem more... friendly).

We know your dog is an individual, which is why we tailor every training program to you and your pet in order to bring out the best.
Whether you're looking for assistance in changing your dog's outlook on life, or just manners for a better best friend, we're here to help!
Have a question?
Drop us a line!
Or, if you're ready to schedule a consult, just click "Schedule" to see the current availability.

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Contact Information:
South Austin Dog Center
10010 Manchaca Rd. Suite D
Austin, TX 78748
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